Hourly In-Home Care

Sometimes all it takes is just a little extra help to make living at home more comfortable. Our Certified Home Health Aides can come for a few hours a few days a week, or for several hours every day per week. We will customize the hours to meet your needs, and we will not only help you with hands on assistance, but we will help out with light housekeeping chores as well. All Care is supervised by a Registered Nurse.

Live-in Home Care

Live-in care provided by a Certified Home Health Aide is very often the best solution for people wanting to age in their homes. Having someone avaiable to assisit you or your loved one 24 hours a day often makes the most sense. Peoples care needs are sporadic throughout the day and night. Having a 24 hour live-in allows for compassionate care to be provided in the most efficient way. All care starts with an assessment by an RN who prepares a written care plan that outlines the services to be provided.


We specialize in caring for clients who suffer from dementia. Our caregivers receive specific training on how to best interact with clients who have memory/cognitive issues. We also have access to many resources that allow us to find solutions to even the most difficult behaviors that can be associated with this disease.

We help the elderly stay at home safely.


Find Care for Your Loved One in New Jersey


As people get older, it becomes more difficult for them to maintain their lifestyle in their homes. Illnesses and injuries can create dangerous living conditions. However, Certified Home Health Aides from Serenity Home Care offers a solution to allowing people to stay in their homes. We provide home health care in Monmouth and Ocean counties and the surrounding areas.Our qualified caregivers can become companions and helpers for the elderly.


Give Loved Ones Peace of Mind


Having our home care services is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. Our experienced caregivers that are in and around Monmouth and Ocean counties can be available to your loved one at all times of the day or night to help them. We can do medication reminders, prepare meals, attend doctor’s appointments, run errands, do light housework and give hands on assitance when needed.


Make Life Easier for Everyone


Our home care services make life easier for everyone. The client receives the care he or she needs from someone who is qualified to perform the tasks. In addition, the friends and family members of the individual can continue to work and go about their lives without having to drop everything to care for an aging relative. While family interaction is still critical, it helps spread the responsibility around more evenly.



I have been very pleased since the first day I met with Serenity Home Care. Serenity was able to respond immediately. I had requested a man for my dad, but my dad didn't like having a man watch after him so I called Serenity and they sent over a woman immediately to take his place. The gentleman they sent over was great but my dad wanted a woman. They are responsible and extremely reliable. My experience with them has been very good!


Bev R.

We had and have the most wonderful caregivers from Serenity! Their caregivers watched my aunt for one year. She was 94 years old and she was quite a challenge. She was always neat, clean, very well fed with healthy foods and her house was kept immaculate. The caregiver even watched her sodium intake. The care she received was pristine. Now they are watching after another aunt of mine that is blind. The caregiver does everything that needs to be done. She takes her shopping and is great company to her. Serenity sends in a nurse  to evaluate their clients care. The caregivers they send always explain everything that is going on so that everyone knew what to expect. My husband is a physician and he recommends Serenity to everyone. If you had 6 stars, that is what they would deserve!


Lenore G.

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